Single Mothers motivating Millennials

As the famous saying goes, “If only I knew what I know now.” As millennials, we don’t grasp what a single mother has to go through to ensure our success until years later in life. Mothers put us first in so many ways and we, in many situations, don’t give the same respect in return or even understand the sacrifices for that matter. We are entitled in many ways, not because you taught us that way, but because we are under the impression that’s just how it’s suppose to be and don’t grasp what all you have done for us.

For example, let’s start with an average morning school day:

7:00 am – you begin the process of waking us up for school

7:09 am – we woke up the first time but went right back to sleep

7:18 am – we sat up and acted as if we were going to get up but went back to sleep

7:27 am – you’re almost fighting us to get up and finally we do because we have figured out how long it will take us to get it together for school

At this point, you are flustered and trying to rush yourself to get ready for work (after doing this with all other siblings if applicable).

Now, doing this throughout the year is mind boggling and no one deserves to go through all that trouble just to get a household ready for school! Looking back on this, I couldn’t imagine someone coming into my room waking me up for school to the point where it’s almost a fight. Just this issue alone throughout our K-12 years deserves a lifetime vacation. But you don’t stop there, you want to see us succeed through college and then go on to starting a successful career.

But that’s just scratching the surface…Let’s be honest, without you we wouldn’t be half the person we are today. We can only hope that as we age, we can give back enough to show you how thankful we are for your support and sacrifices over the years.